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grand arena mod-lock

by jedibaer71

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grand arena mod-lock

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hola to the swgoh-universe,

just lost three fights in a row and i cannot expain, why. or better: i can expain...

i want to mention first: in the last grand arena (5v5) i had a similar situation,
tried it with palpatine/vader/royal guard/tie-pilot/tarkin against ewoks, perhaps overpowered, but sure.
and in this fight my vader (speed 253 without imp./sith-bonus) didn't move first, sometime later he attacked with his aoe. had luck in this fight, and thougt: "ups, forgot to put the mods on him..."
that's why in this grand arena i payed extra attention on my heroes and their mods.
i change often the mods, of course in the sith-raid, now with dark revans and white revans and palpatines and jedi-bastilas in the arena.
so far so good.

but today i lost once more fights, because my heroes didn't had their speed. and my main characters (darth vader, new rey, jedi revan) have a good speed. after checking my opponents mods i should have been always the faster.

now i checked the actual mods (in this moment) and saw, that my darth vader, jedi training rey and jedi knight revan have no mods.
i´m 100% sure, that i had mods on them before the ga-registration lock, i checked it extra before the grand arena mod-lock.

it's not difficult, i only have to swipe over my heroes, and fast i see, if they have mods or not. and no, i swiped to the end, i know, heroes without mods are further down. but i had an eye on the mods this time because of my suspicion in the last ga.

so big question: how can this happen?

last ga i had an idea, but after these fights i'm sure. if i NOW (in the moment i begin a grand-arena-fight) have no mods on my heroes, they will not have some in the fight.

but i thougt it would be like in the territory war.

or did i miss something?

am i totally alone, or does any of you have similar experience?

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Re: grand arena mod-lock

Hi, thanks for the report! There have been similar reports of players experiencing unusual conditions where it feels like their characters are modded differently than at player lock. The QA team is actively investigating it to see if the issue can be identified and resolved.
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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Re: grand arena mod-lock

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Not just mods. I had a player increase his JKR gear level from 11 to 12 from player lock to actual fight.

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