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game resseting to level 1

by Faris_gamer717

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game resseting to level 1

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Android Phone
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) redmi 6 pro
OS Version Android version 9 PKQ1.180917.001 or MIUI Global 11.0.5
Player ID: (Find your Player ID in Sims Mobile: ) 1003647794910
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? i don't know what happened. just I played this last and today i wished to play this game and opened and got back my account, But there is no progress in my saved game just seems my progressed character only all my game family members, my house, my job and my 2 characters were gone
What do you expect to see? i want to get back save games with all progressed data please!
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region Asia
Country India
Additional feedback please i am scared! help me! if I didn't get back my progressed account it will get me mad!! it will be wasted my mobile data and plenty of time

yes mine also! I don't know what happened? just i downloaded game and started i know that my progressed account will come to sign in though and it came, i click there my saved account but there is just my appearance only! there is nothing! my pant were hidden but my sim's hair and look were correct. but my 2 character and my big house were gone i want my account back please anyone help🙏😭 me!!!.

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Re: game resseting to level 1

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Unfortunately this is an issue that we can't help you fix at the forums. The best you can do is to contact an EA advisor.
You can read here how to Get help in The Sims Mobile.


Select Connection and tech support and then Game progress issues.


If you can't open you game app, it is also possible to contact EA Help on Twitter or Facebook 


Support hours are temporarily changed. New Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m, UTC Monday - Saturday 

I don't work for EA.             No trabajo en EA.    

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