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error 40080000 (xbox one)

by 450019344

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error 40080000 (xbox one)

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can't play online, always throws error along with message reading (item synchronization failed)

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Error code 40010000 and 40080000 sync FIX ps4/xbox

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Hi all, i thought i would make this topic as I have found a fix for the error code. Its not the greatest solution and a lot of you will not like it, but it worked for me, and you will be able to play the game again. 

(NOTE PLEASE BACK UP YOUR SAVES JUST INCASE EA FIXES THIS, this is a solution if you want to play or have no hope in retrieving you game save like me.)


For the record i am gamesharing so i have a friend who has downloaded the game from my account, and i have had ea access so i played the game 3 days before launch.


I have had this problem for 2 weeks, tried ea support but i might as well of talked to a brick wall, due to them not caring/unable to give help or fix there crappy severs.


i decided to play around with what i can do my end. I deleted my game save and tried to try play the game again, i got the same error. I then cleared my caches on the ps4, and got mixed results. It would load online sometimes, when i join someone on a fresh new save but it wasnt consistent, then to finally fix the issue i restored the licenses, then deleted and reinstalled the game with a new fresh save and it started working fine. Yes i started again but i caught up with my 70h save and surpassed it as i knew this wouldn't get fixed. 


Its not much of a full solution, however if ea have fixed the issue causing the corruption/sync error, it wont happen again after this point. I did try copying my old save after this point but it took me back to square 1.


P.S In future ea, for console playes, please for the love of god, f*** off with your cloud saving b****t. It doesn't work and its pointless, there are no mods/traines etc on consoles and it just causes issues so theres no point to having it.


Hope this helps. 

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