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Re: emblem

by philose27

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Product: Battlefield 1
Summarize your bug The emblem creator on BF1 companion doesn't let me save any emblems.
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Try creating an emblem on BF1 companion?
What happens when the bug occurs? I get an orange pop down top bar that says "Could not save emblem"
Please select your region Asia
In what game mode did the bug occur? Operations
AMD or Nvidia Model Number
Enter RAM memory size in GB

I'm not able to save any emblems or edit existing ones with BF1 companion emblem creator. I get an error message that says "Cannot Save Emblem"


It's been going on for a few days now. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Re: emblem

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EDIT: Emblems seem to be fixed for now. I can equip mine and it's visible in the Gallery menu. I can also see it when looking through my career through PC or Phone! Well done, DICE!

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Re: emblem

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Me too, the problem appear also when i want generate a share code, dosnt work. Please solve it.
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Re: emblem

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Yeah i don't know whats up with it 

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Re: emblem

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This is the exact problem I have been having since Wednesday evening.  Its incredibly frustrating as I need to seen a new team there emblem urgently.  I even tried joining their platoon to set it for them but as soon as I left then it removed it again.

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Re: emblem

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I have The same problem. 

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Re: emblem

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I have the same problem on both pc companion and the companion app, please fix before battlefield V release or ima be pissed.

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Re: emblem

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ive tried this on both the app and website and still doesn't work. 

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Re: emblem

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I am also experiencing this issues for BFV. I have tried editing or saving emblems on the phone android App and through the companion browser. Emblems cannot save though they are saving as blank tiles. If I go onto PC and click edit on one of the blank tiles the emblem is in-fact there and visible but it cannot be saved as the platoon emblem. 

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Re: emblem

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Yep. And what’s worse, I’ve sent multiple emails and requests about the issue with no response and it’s been over a week. EA dropped the ball on this one...

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Re: emblem

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Sometimes emblems won’t save because there are to many layers used. But sometimes the code you copy from a emblem website is wrong, there could be a error in it. But thats what happend to me . So... maybe you guys have the same problem? Just trying to help... 



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