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Re: dl_promo_2020_04_02b.rpak

by ariva01

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★★ Newbie

I already update the latest apex. but this error comes out, can't read dl_promo_2020_04_02b.rpak error. did someone get this problem?
I also uninstall and install back but still happen the same thing. 

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Re: dl_promo_2020_04_02b.rpak

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Right clicking the game in Origin and then choose Repair. Let the process finish and then retry playing. Thanks.

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Re: dl_promo_2020_04_02b.rpak

★★★ Newbie bunu google yapıştır benim kanalıma gdip yapa bilrsin
olmasa yorum yap vidyoya ben göreyim yeni vidyo atayım
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