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connection problem 4445

by x_JeffLo_x

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Re: 4445 Error code

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Yes, I fully agree with you, game looks awesome, gamplay is nice, but with all this connection issues, the Anthem experience is really bad, no joy, just frustration...
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Re: So many connection problems.

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I had a lot of Connection Problems yesterday. 
What seemed to work for me was to bypass my router, now I haven't had any more problems with DC's after that.


Hope that helps Standard smile 

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Re: So many connection problems.

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How did yo bypass your router exactly?
Would like to do it, but in settings of my router from my ISP is IPv6-DS lite only, cannot configure or open any ports.
I would change my ISP if I had such problems with any other multiplayer title, but like I said, this happens only to Anthem.
Great game, but this connection problems are making me sick about it.
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Re: 4445 Error code

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I have now tried all trouble shooting steps to no avail this is a giant circle for me! However my connection to all other games including EA games is fine it’s just anthem and nothing else major worries about the 22nd at this point in time 

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Re: 4445 Error code

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Did you read the way i solved this issue ?


This error is somehow connected to dialog options, at least in my case.

Choosing the chat option that doesn't crash you to the main menu is the key. I propose having a notepad file open or something and note down the options this is how i got trough all the dialog with npcs. Hopefully there a fix on the way

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Re: 4445 Error code

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This is not on NPC’s with dialogue options it’s on the ones that are liear it get to the end of the conversation then cuts me out of the game in every NPC and I need to talk to them in order to get contracts and missions

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Fortress of Dawn Mission Broken

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So the Fortress of Dawn mission is broken for me. After the cutscene where General Tarsis speaks, there are bunhc of loading screens, then it throws me back to the welcome screen with error saying "Error updating Pilot Data. Please try again. (4445)". Seems to be a more permanent problem than a random disconnect since this is the second time it happened, and it happened on the same phase. Anyone else experiences this? I'm playing on PC. Thanks!

EDIT: And after that it goes back to the place where Owen and the others are, but is stuck and requires a reboot.

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Intermittent disconnections and 4445 errors with a 4g connection

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I'm getting intermittent disconnections, which throw me to the intro screen and quite often the error 4445(Error updating pilot data). After reviewing some of the threads on this error, i'm now 90% sure this is because of my 4G connection(can't get better where i live). Now my connection is quite stable and i've had ZERO problems in other games with disconnections or lag.


Please fix, thank you.

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Re: connection problem 4445

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...sorry Guys! it´s getting really Annoying...
i was so Happy about Anthem, and it Disappointet me! not Gameplay wise, but i have so many Connection Problems...
besides, everything else works fine, as i said before also anything on Origin, but Anthem and the Problem with
-Live Service
-Pilot Data
i think i got an strong enough RIG, also i got a 120MB Internet Connection, that cannot be the Problem
back in "Alpha" and Beta (both of them) i had less Problems...

i lost "the Connection" getting back to the Main Window when i speak with NPC´s
when i read in Codexes
when i play normally Freeplay Solo/or in a Full Team Squad
when im smithing
just getting swaped back in any kind of thing what i do, painting my Jav, getting back to Main, everything is wasted... this really don´t make fun at all!

p.s. sorry for bad english...

I really Hope that these Issues will be fixed very soon...
pls do the Trick!
greetz o7

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Re: Game give errors when talking to npc's with chat options and quits to main m

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Doesn't work, tried uninstalling etc no change

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