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connection problem 4445

by x_JeffLo_x

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Re: connection problem 4445

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I am also with plusnet and are having the same issues. 


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Re: connection problem 4445

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Got my problem fixed with the "Error retrieving Anthem live service data." my problem was when talking to someone then choosing a response it crashed back to the loading screen then main menu. I tried Fullscreen setting and Vsync On. ... Worked like a charm. Try it out folks hope it works for you guys and girls too 👍🏻

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Re: connection problem 4445

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Can confirm that neither disabeling Avast nor Fullscreen + VSync fixes this issue (atleast on my setup)

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Re: connection problem 4445

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HOWEVER i can confirm that this issue is all about what chat responses you choose, testing this on multiple npcs now and it seams to be a dialog issue, First time i talk to Owen he says he knows me, so i choose "whens my birthday then?" (worked just fine no dc) next he asked me if i like trouble. If i answer i like trouble i get instant DCed to main menu, if i chose the other option i continue the dialog and it finishes without error.


So i guess its a matter of figuring out what option crashes us, if its a Global thing where we all crashes when choosing the same dialog options or if its individual.

Only thing i can say as of now is every time you get trough a dialog make sure you exit to main menu to force a save so you dont have to repeat the dialog again when you get booted on the next dialog =)

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Re: connection problem 4445

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Ive tried it all.  Even the setting it to full screen with v sync.  Ive deleted the game and re-installed.  All other origin games work just fine

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Re: connection problem 4445

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Using this i just managed to get trough all the npc dialog, it took a bit of time but it worked.

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4445 Error code

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The game is utterly unplayable for me due to this error code! Every time I load in I get it then whenever I go to talk to any one or open up any command boxes! I have waisted over 3 hours of my 10 restarting the game over and over with the same issue I don’t think I have managed 4 minutes straight gameplay all weekend


any help???

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Re: 4445 Error code

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I have the same problem.


4445 - or pilot datas bla - or unknown error


.. 4 out 5 interaction (talking, loading or leaving a mission) kicks me to the screen ..


.. worst part - big chance i have to repeat the quest a few times until it load - 2nd -> i dont get ANY LOOT - probably hundrets of items i didnt recieved ,,


.. this sucks so much .....

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So many connection problems.

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Dear BioWare / Anthem team,

Why there are still so many connection problems?

There was VIP demo (people reported this problem), there was open beta demo (people reported this problem), now the game is live (people still reporting this problem), and still there isn't any working solution to connection problems.

I have tried your solutions here:

Yet the problem is still there.

No problem to any other online games (just for example: BF1, Battlefront 1 & 2, World of Tanks, The Division,WoW, every game is working fine), but with Anthem I either get:

- problem 4445

- cannot receive data Anthem Live 

- connection problem

- bla bla bla

- ......

It is so annoying.

All in all, everytime connection problem.

What problem for christ? It's not my network for sure.... (LAN, 200 mb/s).

Why the game has been released when such technical issues are still existing?


Any reply from you would be appreciated.

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Re: 4445 Error code

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Just hope it’s fixed on the release date or my whole experience might just be ruined! I have the best hopes for this game as when i do play it’s outstanding! But all of these problems are beginning to outweigh the gameplay experience 

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