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by ColorBSamurai

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I love how you guys added a color blind mode to the game but a big problem with us red-green color blind people are the indicators are still red for a lot of things. Most games try to change this to a blue so we can see them like once you use bloodhunters ult or even crosshairs its very hard to see the red. Changing to a new color will not give us an advantage to other players because red stands out to them, but to us red does not and blends in.

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Re: colorblind

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you would think a game with developers of this caliber would be able to solve this issue but apparently not! 


It frustrates the hell out of my when i cant see where my crosshair is or where some pings are as the colourblind mode does basically nothing

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Re: colorblind

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EA the is the blind one here. Just look at the number of cheaters

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