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bonus energy reset time

by Paulgi

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bonus energy reset time

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I've been trying to play this game, I even spent some money on it, but the crazy reset time of bonus energy not only it's stupid but also completely destroys the fun of this game.


every single day I try to get it but I always find it saying that it will reset in 20h.


I can't change my work time but even so I've been able to play any other game except this one.


what's wrong with this ridiculous thing? why can't I pick the bonus energy after work? is this stupid game supposed to be another job or something for fun?


please fix this!

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Re: bonus energy reset time

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★★★★ Newbie

still having the same problem. everyday I miss the bonus energy and everyday I see that it will be available in 20 hours. I'm starting to hate this game because of this. seems like this was made for people who don't have to work between 1 pm and 2 pm. this is completely stupid. let me pick my free time. this is supposed to be fun. it's easy to fix this stupidity. at this moment the game is free for players who don't work in the morning and those who have work in the morning are forced to pay for energy. ridiculous. make it fair for all.


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Re: bonus energy reset time

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The free energy is the same for everyone,  if you want to catch it,  you have two hours to log in and collect it.  So, 1-3 or 12-2. Depending on dst 

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Re: bonus energy reset time

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I understand, but I'm working on those two hours. it's ridiculous that i can't change that time. i miss it everyday.


I never saw a game that I couldn't play because I was somehow forced to login during my work time.


I love games, I've been playing since the 80's and this seem a total decadence of video games. it's truly horrible and even ofensive.


why can't I change it to 2 hours later. is that so hard?


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