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battlefiled V ladder issue

by Son0fMars822

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battlefiled V ladder issue

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Is it just me or when climbing a ladder in BF5 after a few steps up I fall off right away, I know its not my controller because I have a new controller and in other games there's no problem with it. this issue is annoying and hope they fix's this asap. 

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Re: battlefiled V ladder issue


I play with keyboard and sometimes accidentally click the spacebar, this results in jumping off the ladder. So be sure you are not pressing any additional keys when climbing up and you should be alright. Does it always fail to walk up a ladder or is it sometimes or during special circumstances?


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Re: battlefiled V ladder issue

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I have this occur on certain ladders, every time.
One on Al Sundan, comes to mind as an every time situation.
(the one that leads up to the building on top of the cliff)

If I grab on and go to climb, I fall off after a rung or two.
After that, I can climb proper without issue.

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