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Re: apex stuck in loading wont connect

by stabbingu

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apex stuck in loading wont connect

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after todays small 50mb patch tried to open apex and it got suck at the "click to continue" screen and then keeps loading and fps goes down to like 20 or so and i got 2060 rtx tho and it was running fine before that patch !!

anyone ?

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Ea server

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I cant join ea server? My internet is fine and i played it 72 hours Way cant i join ea servers? 

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Connection timed out (code leaf)

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Leaf Error now pretty much every game. This is total BS. Ever since I actually was stupid enough to upgrade to the battle pass I now get the error connecting to server LEAF error message many others seem to be getting. Resetting cores and other such nonsense not working. Stay away from this game until they fix this. Its unplayable.

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I have a server connection issue

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everytime I try to start the game it say server can't connect

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Re: apex stuck in loading wont connect

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The funny this is that my brother who lives in the same city as me can connect to my account and get in game why cant i?? thats just werid? finaly i am off work and can play :P but dont work! * me sideways :P

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