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anthem cataclysm infinite loading screen


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anthem cataclysm infinite loading screen

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After 1.3 update on PC, can't seem to load in after second loading screen. Stuck at 20% in Cataclysm event. Have un- and Reinstalled the update but still have the same problem. please help fix this before the event ends!

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Re: anthem cataclysm infinite loading screen

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That's something our team has been looking into. Unfortunately, I don't have any solid date for a potential fix to share at the moment.



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Anthem Infinite Loading

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I've seen a few posts about this but still no answers and the event is nearly up. I decided a while back that I was taking a break from Anthem and would wait until the cataclysm is out and then give it another go and see if this game is finally heading in the right direction. Three months after the original planned release date for this event and I log on and can't even load into the new event is unacceptable. I've tried:


  • Re-install
  • Repair
  • Changing graphical settings
  • People suggested deleting the BioWare file in documents
  • All the other weird things people have tried to try and get this to work

How is there not a fix for this already? Do you plan to compensate players for the fact they can't play the content or are you just going to let the event timer run out and just say, "ah well, we'll get it right next time...".


I'm sorry if I come across as blunt, but quite frankly I'm pissed off. 


Also, while you're implementing a fix (which I hope you are), any chance you can optimise the game on PC so I can play this game with decent fps? My spec is a fair bit above the minimum requirements and can barely play the game on minimum settings.

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Re: Anthem Infinite Loading

Hey @ItsReddux,


I definitely understand your frustration.


This is a known issue, and is currently being looked into.


Unfortunately there hasn't been a date announced for a Fix just yet, hopefully this will be resolved soon.


As far as your FPS goes, there are a couple steps you can try to resolve this.


1. Turn off the Origin in-game Overlay in the Origin Launcher, and any other Overlays you might be using such as Discord, Nvidia GeForce Experience, etc.


2. Clean Boot(to make sure there's no background Apps interfering):


Let us know if this helps at all.


Thanks Standard smile


- iluminate


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Re: Anthem Infinite Loading

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I'll give it a go Standard smile

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Re: Anthem Infinite Loading

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@ItsReddux It is anger causing when the Cataclysm mission won't load. I get one screen loads fine, then a second screen that goes about 1/8 of the way across on the progress bar, then stays there forever. Really annoying 😣
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Re: anthem cataclysm infinite loading screen

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Is there any information the team needs to get to the bottom of this one.  I'll be happy to send logs or provide any other relevant details.  Funny thing is the few times I ran Cataclysms on PTS I didn't run into this problem.  

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Re: anthem cataclysm infinite loading screen

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This kinda sucks.. the literal pinnacle of the most recent update and I can't touch it. sure, I can get shards from freeplay but that takes ages compared to the actual cataclysm.. hope they fix this soon.

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Re: anthem cataclysm infinite loading screen

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@LAZYOUTLAW247 go to C:/user/yourPC/documents then delete BioWare folder. its works for me. don"t forget to copy it first in case anything happens.
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Re: anthem cataclysm infinite loading screen

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Ok all, obviously things that help others don't work for everyone and so on but here goes, my buddy has not played cataclysm yet due to the endless loading that most are having on second load. He has done everything posted on the forums, reinstall, delete folders, uninstall pts, and so on. I found one more post just a few minutes ago, it said run as admin......boom now he got past the endless load screen and is seeing the cataclysm for the first time with us his gaming buddies. He thought he was running the game on admin as most hardcore gamers do with all games but for some reason it wasn't and now he is playing. Hang in there, hopefully a fix for everyone is out there but this time ADMIN worked

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