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Zarris & Zader bugs?!?

by EA_Straatford

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Zarris & Zader bugs?!?

EA Community Manager

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Posted by Loose_Lee:



Lately in GW & arena ive been seeing same things over and over...

My zarris gets her turn while stunned, and doesn't recover (ik wth?) or even cleanse an ally... happening in arena as well as GW...

And in GW (nobodys uses zader in arena anymore, at least not in launch shards like mine) I've had enemy zader stunned and ability blocked... (NO ep lead mind you, zaul lead in this case) and he has taken his turn, recovers from stun, uses aoe, then culling blade all back to back (like wth?) even better yet he has hit my zarris with no debuffs and just a couple buffs like stealth & ccu and ohko'd her from full hp &some protection (eas runnimg x4 speed didnt see #) ... only 1 time have i seen 3 turns, but multiple times ive seen zader recover from stun and immediately take another turn... have any others seen this?

I do not have any video proof... but have reset GW to record it only for it not to happen... but ive done this several times now and have been so agitated & perplexed to ask on forums.


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