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Re: Xbox one assimilation pack origins scam

by SpyrosKap_GT

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Xbox one assimilation pack origins scam

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DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PACK. an in-game lobby link on Xbox one advertises a pack containing 600 coins and a revenant skin. Once you've paid for it through origin you will not receive it as it's actually an add on code for PC despite being advertised on Xbox one. When you contact EA for help on the matter not only are you denied a refund your also denied an Xbox platform code. I do not own a pc yet they have told me it's activated on my pc. Incredible. Please make it known if you have been effected by this to. Never thought I'd see the day EA does its own 'legal' scams.

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Re: Xbox one assimilation pack origins scam



You can see Platform: Windows and Origin is for the Pc version of Apex but i agree that it shouldn't be in game on Xbox!! :/  This link in lobby should be removed.



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