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Xbox connection issue: error 721

by EA_Atic

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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I was able to play just fine for a few days in December, but all the sudden started getting the 721 error. Tried all the recommended fixes of scrolling to collection and reconnecting, restarting router etc.. still not able to connect. 

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Re: Can't even open game (Xbox)


@EA_Atic- Just another heads up - experienced error 721 on Xbox yesterday. Have not had this problem for over 12 months. Was playing GA, the match had just finished when I was dropped back to the menu screen. Tried reconnecting without success. Quit & relaunched the game and had no further problems. Have had another crash in the prior week but dropped me back to Xbox live without displaying any error msg.

"I am not an EA employee. Just a fellow gamer trying to lend a helping hand. I don't know everything but will attempt to find a solution to your problem. If I have helped, please click on the XP button below. If I have solved your problem, Then click on the Accept as Solution Button. Have Fun."
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Re: Can't even open game (Xbox)

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I've done everything, I mean everything. Untinstalled, reinstalled, moved storage location, port forwarding, hard reset console and router, 3x joystick in collection menu  arcade then 3x joystick again. Always 72q error code. WTH. Please help EA. I'm out of solutions. I can play apex and Anthem and all battlefields no issue. 

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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yes it's still an issue

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