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Xbox connection issue: error 721

by EA_Atic

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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Hi there, 


I have done all that is suggested above an yet it still doesn't work... I waited for around 20 mins and it didn't work... Then I restarted the game did the different method and also didn't work. Did both of the suggested ways a few times and both didn't work for me. Are there any other ways that you could suggest please?



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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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Come on! for crying out loud! you always seem to start doing this when a new game is on the horizon.

AND I'LL PUT MONEY ON "ANTHEM"  How can EA seriously expect us to put faith in them when they treat us like

idiots. You could get this fixed quickly if you "Wanted" to but didn't we start getting issues with BF1 when BF2 was on the 

horizon - I THINK SO!!


Sort it out - the work around is like the fabled carrot - it dangles but never delivers.


How can you handle anthem when you can't maintain your current games.

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Battlefront 2 wont start after update xbox one

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Thank you soooo much EA! Thank so much for the update i had to do on the game and thank you much for now making the game not to work and for now me having to delete it and having to download again a 60+ GB game! Thank you sooo much and * you.

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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I pay £40 pounds for this game and I can't even play online? This is a joke!


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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721


Hi to all



I am an Xbox one player and have had the same problem occur intermittently. I usually get the error 721 and can't connect after returning to the xbox live home screen without quitting the game, turning off the console (not the power). Later, when I turn on the console and resume the game, this error pops up. It has happened to me before the SEPT update. My fix has been to return to the xbox live home screen, quit SWBF2 and relaunch. This has always fixed the problem for me. Now when I quit the game, I always quit from the XB live home screen and have had no further problems with this error. I play twice a day nearly every day afternoon & night (Yeah, I know I should get a life!!! LoL). My region is Australia.


There are a few questions that I would like to ask you all.


1. What regions are you playing in.

2. Do you have the same problem if you try a different ping site.

3. What Xbox console are you using - Xbox one, one S or one X.

4. Are you using standard or modded controllers.

5. Have you tried the usual - deleting save game files (console and XB Live) or changing profiles (even to a friend's).


I have mentioned Profile in the last question because I know some people have had a problem with game crashes and not being able to connect because of a corrupt XB live profile. The fix was to delete your profile and set up a new one with exactly the same details as the deleted one.


With deleting save game files - select delete everywhere. This will delete both files but not the Data file on the EA server so your credit, milestones, ranking etc will not be affected. You will, however, have to reselect your ability cards for every trooper, hero and vehicle. You do not lose the cards you have earned but how you applied them. I'm not sure but I think the same applies for your Blaster upgrades.


I don't expect everyone to reply to me directly, Just put the questions out there. Maybe one of the answers might be a fix for you.


Just so you know, I have no affiliation with EA. Just another player trying to help.





"I am not an EA employee. Just a fellow gamer trying to lend a helping hand. I don't know everything but will attempt to find a solution to your problem. If I have helped, please click on the XP button below. If I have solved your problem, Then click on the Accept as Solution Button. Have Fun."
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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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Now popping error code 770 in addition.

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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I had just bought the game a few days ago but have been having this issue whileist not being able to play online much, can you guys fix this it has been quite frustrating 

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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Maybe you guys should clean house over at that $hitty studio because something is definitely not working. I'll be honest I love the battlefront series but this latest update is the icing on the cake for me. Not only do we have to wait almost 2 years for us to recieve the decent DLC's (which aren't coming till FEB btw) but then they give us updates that dont even work. I'm sure that when games like RDR2 and Black Ops 4 start taking over maybe the money hungry development team called EA might start to starve and give decent updates then. We need to take the food off their plates before they start caring about the consumer again.

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Battlefront 2 xbox

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Past week I cant get online. Have new xbox x. Game is digital download. I play every other game perfectly. Freezes  after I click right joy stick. See others on YouTube talking about this. Are yall gona fix it? Code 721

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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I was very frustrated that I bought this game on sale figuring it was a good time to buy it and then I go to play it and I can't as everything seems to be offline. I've tried going to each different Tab and hitting connect with no success it just freezes for a little bit and then says error code 721. I tried playing arcade games and reconnecting after everyone to get the same failure. Hopefully this issue be fixed sometime soon and the players will receive some sort of in game compensation for not being able to play online. 

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