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Are any

by Rob456590

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

I am happy you could get online @SteelCurtain3283 !


Btw, they are planning to release a hotfix next week which probably fixes this annoying connection issue! More about the hotfix here:

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Workaround to error code 721, 770

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There is a workaround to connecting to the BF2 servers if you're unable to connect after the latest patch. Note: I've been able to reproduce this over and over and each time I follow these steps, it works.

1) Load up the game until you are in the main menu (don’t click the right stick to connect)

2) Play an arcade game (doesn't matter which battle scenario).

3) Kill a few A.I.

4) Leave game (and don't press anything)

5) Once you're back to the battle scenario menu, click the right stick to connect (Note: it will fail).

6) Once you get the error code 721, head back to the main menu and tab over to the collections menu

7) Once there, click connect (Notice in the top left corner the connection animation will start to work).

8) Now you're connected


Note:  This is only a temporary workaround.  If it works you will have to do this every time you start up the game.

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Error code 721 temporary solution after update (9/25/18)

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Hello everybody, we all have been having the issue with the most recent update that was released in the morning of September 25th 2018. When trying to log in to Xbox Live when the game is loaded ( I know this affects other consoles as well ) you will get error code 721 and some users get error code 770 I was getting both.


 First ensure that your internet connection is working. Second go to the operations menu in Star Wars is loaded press the right stick down and it will try to connect you to the internet. My console took about 30 seconds and then it failed and displayed error code 721. I press the right stick again and it took another 30 seconds and then I got error code 770. I press the right stick one more time and then it connected me like there was never a problem. 


I know it might be hard to think of right away so if you haven't tried it yet please give this a try before anything else I know some people are having other issues in this, but hopefully this will fix it for most of you.


Please note when you turn off your console and come back later you will need to restart your game completely and restart the process.



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Are any

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Are any of my fellow XBox One gamers getting the same annoying freeze moment when trying to reconnect to online content for SWBF 2? I closed the game like six times and still no resolution. 

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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No workie

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Re: Error code 721 temporary solution after update (9/25/18)

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Thank you! This workaround did work today, just now in fact. :eahigh_file:

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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4 Days and still not fixed start feeding the * monkeys EA

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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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Almost a week since the garbage update and EA still hasn't fixed this. Really inexcusable. Horrific... How can you guys even look at yourselves in the mirror...?

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Re: p.m

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Wow. We are in real trouble now as they already canned most of the development t team. How many game breaking errors can you release in a year?


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Re: Xbox connection issue: error 721

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2nd method worked for me, tnx

Update. Tried to enter the game again using the same method by going to collection screen and it DID NOT WORK.  Also tried multiplayer screen and still did not connect.  

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