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by Zachtronics

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Xbox Series S slow loads

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I purchased the game and have it loaded on the internal drive of my Series S.

I did not experience these issues with SMB3.


Game play is great but I notice that a lot of player models and cards in the menus load very slowly. 

It can take up to 10 seconds or so for the new players model and card information to load on various menu pages.

Sometimes I have to move to another player and back for it to load or make another change to the edit and back to load.


Some areas where I experience this:

- editing players lags to see what the change looks like

- advancing to the next player in edit stays on previous player

- Selecting new teams in a exhibition game does not update to new team

- Team Picture screen loads slowly

- Player cards on Team cards loads about 75% cards but the remaining 25 loads slowly. 

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Re: Xbox Series S slow loads

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I'm having the same problem, but it's on Series X, too!  My plan was to play this game for customization, and now I regret buying the game at all, especially day one.  

To the developers and publisher, this is NOT acceptable.  I'm extremely disappointed to have wasted my money on something I can't utilize.

Selecting players, teams, etc... maybe the selected never shows up, but we're definitely waiting 10-15 seconds, and it creates exponential issues.

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