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[Xbox One] wrong server and high latency

by STEFK85

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[Xbox One] wrong server and high latency

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so after the latest update i have noticed that every teammate i play with is american, now i am british so why is everygame i played with american's, so i checked my server manually and i was set to salt lake city i then got an american friend from florida to check his server and he was set to london, i also asked my friends who stay close to me to check and they were all set to salt lake city, basically since the last update every single xbox one player has been default set to the wrong server and this is causing the horrendous lagg on xbox one just now, as i said abobe i checked 15 peoples server and all were wrong, it can be fixed manually but the problem is 90 % of people dont know how to, the game is lagging so bad it is unplayeble at times, when are you goong to fix this Apex !!!!!!!!

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Re: [Xbox One] wrong server and high latency

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Hi, @STEFK85 


Thanks for reaching out about this. We've seen reports come in and they're aware of it per the known issues list.

  • Server slow down / datacenter mismatching /general network performance.

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Re: [Xbox One] wrong server and high latency

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Selecting the closest server with the lowest number didn't change anything for me, still lag out every gun fight.

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