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Xbox One X 4K HDR Stutter (Fifa 18)

by Stefantune

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Re: i have

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Even if have put my setting to1080it still stutters. I just is unplayable. Are there any other solutions?
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Re: i have

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@tripleskilerNL Can you check your TV Settings and ensure that you have all the fancy extras turned off, modern TVs come with so many add-ons that at times it can take a couple of minutes to locate and disable all the different options. Try changing the HDMI port that you are using, also are you using the HDMI cable that came with the console? For 4K you need a High Speed HDMI cable, most modern cables will already support 4K but it is worth checking to ensure that you are using the correct one.

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Re: i have

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have you tried updating  you tv from the general settings.all 4k tv can connect to the internet and get updates .mines get them about once ever 3 month and make sure you try auto detected off then change to 1080p.doesnt work for me if a dont


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Re: i have

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I have had nothing but slow downs with this game on Xbox One X 4k HDR enabled. 

HOWEVER, I was looking at other responses and found turning on Motion, Sports Mode makes it run super smooth.


Philips 55 inch Ambilight 4k HDR

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Re: i have

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hey mate, you manage to sort tis now? i have just purchased a new Phillips ambi light 50inch, and a new Pioneer reciever, running the xbox through the amp and into the tv, (old xbox one) i am getting really big shutter delay, mostly at the start of the game, it seems lk it can takde 30s to catch upto game? is doing my head in, the amp meant to upscale to 4k, but pic seems just as bad as my old panasonic lcd tv. plz help 

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