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XP and coins

by 7ag50vpn8w8a

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XP and coins

★★★★ Newbie

I had update complete and I noticed that I only get 50 coins for a win, and I didn't get extra XP for first 10 games

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Re: XP and coins

Community Manager

What game are you referring to @7ag50vpn8w8a?


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Re: XP and coins

★★★★ Newbie

Sorry, command and conquer rivals

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Re: XP and coins

EA Live QV Team

Hey @7ag50vpn8w8a thanks for reaching out. Did you play 10 battles prior to updating to 1.5? And did you get your bonus XP today? If not, can I get your Persona ID, found in Settings > About to investigate this further. Thanks!

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