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XBOX - Apex public matches are unplayable now

by Xbox-Chf-Wiggum

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XBOX - Apex public matches are unplayable now

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Not sure what the issue is. I am in Chicago, IL and have Iowa servers selected. Training works fine, I can actually shoot the dummies. Training seems to be the funniest part about the game at the moment. Every time I join a public match and shoot someone it seems like every other bullet registers. There is CLEAR hit difference than in the training mode. On top of this when I get shot I die almost instantly looks like I get hit a once maybe a couple times but shows I got hit for like 180 when I have a purple shield if I have a blue or less forget about it I am dead from what seems like one two shots. Just had a game where someone came around the corner, I lasered him point blank,  got the shot off first point plank with a spitfire, He also had a spitfire. On the death recap showed I hit hime for 47 he hit me for 200.  If I do an IP trace on the servers I am always getting connected to Dallas Texas server starting in 204.74.---.---- , not joking 29 out of 30 times. Why, why, why I have Iowa selected, why the f*** does it connect me to Dallas every time?  Is this the Skill Based Match Making at work???? I have a 1000 down / 45 up internet with 10 - 12ms ping on all websites and other games seem to at least let me shoot the other people but Apex for some reason is * broke for me. Wish the devs can tell me why this is happening and maybe come up with a solution because this is God awful to play on. 

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