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Wrong Timezone change

by TJonasz

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Wrong Timezone change

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Hello. While trying to change Timezone 1 hour earlier some how it changed for very different hour than i choose. 

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Re: Wrong Timezone change

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I have the same problem. Today we had time change in our country so I wanted to change also timezone ingame. Unfortunately, when I accepted option to change the time only by one hour, it was changed by 6 hours! Now I'm stuck with Energy refresh during night when I am asleep.

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Re: Wrong Timezone change

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I suffer the same error. I changed the timezone by 1 hr and after it was changed 13 hrs. so midday payouts now occur at 2300 hrs instead of 1200 and furthermore i didnt get fleet or arena payouts. at writing moment i just recieved the midday energy payouts 9 hrs too late for my liking.

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Re: Wrong Timezone change

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Happened to me too.


Swapped it 4 hours forward but it was moveed 5 hours instead. Whivh means ill have my payouts just when i start working.

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Re: Wrong Timezone change

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Same for me, I also posted a report because I ask for refresh at 11pm (23h for French people) but now I have it at 4pm, so the arenas at 11am and midday (when I'm working) and the energies refresh at 5am (when I'm sleeping)... great Standard smile


Can someone set my time at 11pm for the daily refresh, like back to normal pleaseeeee !


Ps: when you watch the "actual time" it changes all over the day. My "actual time" that it's showed when you want to change the time is not what I really have...

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Re: Wrong Timezone change

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Same and after contacting support via email, they were either not understanding what I was saying or assumed the issue was already fixed. Spoiler alert, it's not fixed.

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Re: Wrong Timezone change

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Guys, I found the problem :


I did the payout time change on my computer with KOPLAYER and I never change the time of this software so it had the chinese time, that's why when I ask for 11pm I got 5pm !

So if you did it with a software like mine on a computer, it's normal, we got screwed on an easy thing ^^

I just changed the payout time with my mobile phone and it's good now, since I have the French time on it !


The sad thing is that we'll have to wait a year before we can change it again, so for the next winter time, you won't have a choice than to keep the time given by the game.


See you Wink Hope I could help you

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Re: Wrong Timezone change

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Cheers mate


Gues ill just have some more toilet play time at work Standard smile


Have a nice day

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