Won’t stop crashing on Switch

by 48e1ed5053c9d5f3

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Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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I have re downloaded the game, same thing happens. I have also restarted the switch. 

game crashes anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes into playing. It crashes even when not online. 

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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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Hi @48e1ed5053c9d5f3


Are you getting any error messages when the game crashes? If so, does it give you an error code? 

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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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Hi, there doesn’t seem to be an error code. There is just a black screen that says “the software was closed because an error occurred.”


The game worked fine for maybe an hour or two initially. 


It first started crashing during online leagues. Then I did a shuffle draft in an online league and it crashed four times during the draft.


Now it crashes every time I play, even in exhibition mode. It crashes as soon as the game actually starts, usually after about 1-2 minutes. It doesn’t seem to crash on a menu, only once the actual gameplay starts. 

the Switch is about a week old. Other games work fine, including SMB3. 

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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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I appreciate the info! 

Do you have the game saved to the built-in storage in your Switch, or is it saved to an SD card? If it's saved to an SD card, would it be possible to try saving it to the built-in storage instead to test and see if that makes any difference? 

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Game frequently crashes at random times

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Product: Super Mega Baseball 4
Platform:Nintendo Switch
Summarize your bug The Game will completely crash resulting in a message the says "The software closed because an error occurred." It seems to happen most frequently when in a menu (setting the lineup, substituting a player, etc.), but has also happened in the middle of play for seemingly no reason.
How often does the bug occur? Occasionally (10% - 49%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? It seems to happen randomly
What happens when the bug occurs? The software freezes for a second, then it closes completely. A message appears on the screen of the Nintendo Switch that says: "The software closed because an error occurred."
What do you expect to see? What do I expect to see? I don't understand the question. I expect the game to not crash so frequently so I can actually play it. Clearly this game was not ready for release!

I don't have any additional information to add. The game crashes. A lot. Basically, every time I go to play it, I have to restart the game 2-3 times because of random crashes. Then once I am in a game, it's almost 50/50 as to whether it will play great, or if there will be any number of other bugs and glitches.

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Re: Game frequently crashes at random times

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Mine to. I can't get a response from EA about it either.

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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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@EA_Kent I have the same problem. I found out it doesnt occur when the system is in airplane mode.
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Re: Won’t stop crashing on Switch

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We’re having the same issue and same error message and have tried everything from restart to deleting the game and then reinstalling… any updates from anyone?

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