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Why does gameplay feel bad all of a sudden?

by Stevun_Seagull

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Why does gameplay feel bad all of a sudden?

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Hi everyone,


I bought Fifa19 the first week after it's release for Playstation 4. Started playing Ultimate Team and all was good and fun until the last couple of weeks. My players all of a sudden can't pass or shoot anymore. Every normal pass or through pass doesn't go in the direction in which I'm aiming. Players run like they are stuck in cement. Shots in front of open goal are missed because my players all of a sudden shoot in a random direction but nowhere near the goal.


My defenders stop moving or start running really slow when the opposition nears my goal. Attackers walk into a clutch of defenders instead of running towards spaces where they can receive a pass. Literally every finesse shot or pass gets blocked or goes in a random direction which wasn't the case before. Almost every ball that I get from in good position hits the post and the rare pass that does arrive is given offside. I went from Division 5 to almost relegating from Division 7 in no time.


I can't play like this, it's so frustrating. I'm not talking about a few games here and there but I'm talking about probably a hundred games now in a row where I don't seem to control my own team. I tried buying different teams also but the issue remains.


I deleted most of my data and reinstalled the game but no improvement in the gameplay what so ever. I grinded for hundreds of hours to have a nice team in Ultimate Team so I don't want do delete that data because than all would be for nothing. I worked up to this team to have enjoyment in the Weekend League, Squad Battles and Division Rivals but all the fun is gone for me because it feels like I don't even control my players but some random force is. My internet connection is top notch so that can't be the case.


I hope the people at EA or people on this forum have a solution for me to fix this problem because in the current state my Fifa19 is unplayable.

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Re: Why does gameplay feel bad all of a sudden?

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im having the exact same problem on my xbox one any quick fix? i cant even play when i do i want to pull my hair out its very frustrating 

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Re: Why does gameplay feel bad all of a sudden?

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Yeah having similar issues defender's too slow or they start running after the attackers have gone past them... attackers can't shoot or score goals...

Easy fix is go back and play Fifa 18 at least there weren't so many problems...or like I have change to PES 19 at least the game plays like a football game and not an arcade styled joke of a game...

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Re: Why does gameplay feel bad all of a sudden?

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Ps4 pro + lg b7p + hdmi cable certified 4k + 100mb bw and this game is faulty, I want my money back...

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