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Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

by StudleyTheDudley

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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  Thank you, for submitting the report.

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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 This is a new one. Salarian Architect Level 7, could spawn 4 Remnant VI's at one time.


 Skip to 5:26 for spawn.

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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Hi Phantom


I saw your last 2 videos about cheating, the salarian that spawn 4 remnant was clear who he was, but, how do we know who modify the game for, example on the other video that there was no reset time on powers?

Make the question on another way, only the host can do this or any other player can do also?

Effectively I was in some games that one shoot one kill and endless bullets, how to know who is the player that is cheating for reporting?

I wouldn't like report the wrong person?

Effectively cheaters ruin the game that others make effort to play normally.

Thanks for trying to make this game better...



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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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  Well ban152, that's up to EA. This is why EA wants video proof. Most of the time, it will be the host. I guess there can be the exception, if the cheat or mod works for everyone. I got in a sliver Apex mission tonight. I had my N7 Eagle and Talon then discover that there is unlimited ammo and no power cooldown. The host came out on top who was a fairly new level 8 player. Had I known there was unlimited ammo (no reloading) I might have picked the Ishray too.

 The lag was real bad at the end of the match. Oh and after the match I lost all mouse inputs. I have heard of this but it is the first time it has happened to me.



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