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Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

by StudleyTheDudley

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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that's excellent feedback, thanks a lot Standard smile.  I can easily clip to a 30 second time for showing evidence, but what i can do also is put bits of video together showing not only shields not depleting, but also the ammo clips not depleting and instakills on mobs or no recharge time on skills (as i found in my last clip that i submitted in to report a player.


I know EA/Bioware will do their best to deal with the players reports, so as long as i know what i can upload to enforce the report, then i will submit what i can and where i can.


Rest assured and I aim this at anyone out there thinking of using a cheat or a hack.. 





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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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I had that myself I joined broaze match there one guy cant mention his name on the forums in my view is bs and everything was 99 even my cor missle was 99 it realy sucks people that play this way I did report him and put in screen shot but there are hacks that apply when the person is hosting the game someone was saying to me I asked him did he ever come across this thought another ea bugg he telling me is a hack

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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I have no idea why naming and shaming of a cheat/hacker isn't allowed on forums like this, but rules is rules.. so i upload to my youtube channel. (its in my profile)


I don't know whether its for legal reasons or whatever, but i've always personally felt that the rule actually protects the hacker, so imho I would be very happy indeed to see absolute evidence of the players i report getting dealt with.. i doubt i'll see that, but it won't stop me reporting players who use hacks.


So anyone who is thinking of using a hack.. if you are sat there now with apex rating and are in the leaderboard charts, then beware.. i will find you, and i will report you.. and my hope is that you will get ban and/or strip of assets/scores/achievements etc.   I've no idea what happens to hacker accounts.. but they do not deserve to remain in the game even if they played honestly for 300 hours and use a hack for 1 hour.. the use of the hack ONCE should imo be zero tolerated.


Keep on reporting them.. everyone.. don't let these b'std's plague our game.  It's not honest and they are stripping the games of the necessary skill you need in order to play.. why bother.. you don't improve..your skills. you just sink to their level by staying in those games.. so grab evidence.. report them.. and go play another game 'properly'

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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Another one reported. 

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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Nice.  Hopefully if we keep doing this (all of us) we will create a deterrent and send a message to say they are NOT welcome and that they will be dealt with.  


I have not not experienced any this week thus far.

@Delgorath wrote:

Another one reported. 


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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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   I believe the rule against naming/shaming etc is to protect the falsely accused, and keep "witch hunts" out of the forums....this stuff can get ugly fast.


  I just hope they don't play as fast and loose as they did with reported cheaters in ME3,  my account got suspended in an automated process where ONE guy, that apparently didn't like the fact that I played much better than him reported me over 200 times in 48 hour period, or so I was told ....I was out of action for 4 or 5 an apology, was told many are experiencing this and they were going to make major changes.

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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I went in game and noticed my ammo was 99 ... The guy was another useless low level. 

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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Is there perhaps anybody from EA/Bioware who would like to comment on the validity of the claims made by a number of news websites within the last 24 hours that Denuvo has been strategically removed from the game in the latest 1.09 patch?


Pray tell what countermeasures CAN we honest gamers expect to stem the flow of hack and crack users for this game?


We've already had cheeky b'stards posting 'i need help' posts on this very forum who then get found out to be running a cracked copy, but specifically what about the hack users and cheats?  is there really now no protection against them?  and if so?  WHY NOT??????????????

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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  So I ran in to this tonight. The host has a low Apex, Thinking he got the cheats when he got the game. When you watch the video it looks like there working backwards, idk. Not sure what to make of it.. No cool down, one shot kills, part of the field give little or no damage.

  It is sad to see this going on this early.

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Re: Where do I report a cheater. (PC)

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Just in case you've not done so already, i've done a report user on the origin client and linked to this forum thread and your video.


DEFINITELY A CHEAT ENGINE HACK.  and yes it is a shame to see it going on, but if we get each and every single one we find reported (and hopefully permabanned) then we may see a game finally that does not take a nose dive due to too many cheats.  I believe battlefield is rife with it?


He'll probably test unlimited shields next.. this was an early test run i reckon.

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