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Re: Where are my mods?

by CEO_Rago

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Where are my mods?

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I was selling my unassigned 2, 3, and 4 dot mods. Everything looks good, click okay, now 90% of my unassigned mods are gone, including 5 and 6 dot. 

I still have a few unassigned 5 and 6 dot mods left, so clearly I didn't accidentally sell all without filtering or they would be gone too. 

I'm obviously extremely livid about the 6 dot mods, so any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Where are my mods?

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I still have these left. Lost a bunch of other 5 and 6 dot mods though, so there's no way I could have filtered it to end up with this. 

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Re: Where are my mods?

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I know this can be very disappointing.🙁

I once had the exact same problem, with the only difference that all my mods were gone. Therefore I contacted the EA Support, which was able to help me. Via Player-ID the Advisor was able to find my account. At the beginning he had problems finding them in my account, but after a short talk with the technical specialists, he was able to find them. Unfortunately the EA-Support is only able to return all mods with 5 (or 4?) and more dots. But I was still happy getting them back. 🙂

I hope they can help you as well.

Kind Regards.

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Re: Where are my mods?

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LOL I spent like 30 minutes chatting with EA Help and they said they have no ability to help with mods. 

Although when I first mentioned mods, they were very confused (probably didn't know what they were), so I seriously doubt they could have helped me with anything. 

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Re: Where are my mods?

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I am sorry to hear that. Seems like it depends who is on the other end. In my case the advisor was playing SWGoH himself. Nonetheless the studio (CG) is able to limit the options, an EA-Advisor is able to use. An Advisor once told me that they are updating those options daily.


Now to your case. The last option I see for your case is to create a post in the Forum.


The CG_Dev Team (especially the EA-Community Manager) are often reading posts about system-errors. Sometimes, even when it is not very often, CG actually replies on posts. Recently I saw them replying to a players Issue. Asking for his ally-code to investigate. You can also direct message them. But I don’t know if they read it.

I hope that works.



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