What to do if your account got banned or suspended in Apex

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Re: unban apex legends

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how long will it take to resolve it after we report it?

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Re: Falsely banned on apex legends.

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Hey @Niexyr


The EA Help should be up and running. I'm able to pull it up on my side without any issues. If you're still running into the same error when you're trying to set up a case try clearing out your browser cache to see if that helps. 




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Re: unban apex legends

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Forever. EA doesn’t care unless your a YT or big name streamer making them

money. I got suspended for 7 days for something that I apparently did on MUT (madden) which I have never done....and they don’t have proof. All you’ll get on here is a bot saying the same thing over and over and follow these steps...

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Re: Falsely banned on apex legends.

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For me the problem appeared if you are not authorized before using it, but thanks i contacted support, no response yet though, my friends are playing without me, i feel very lucky...

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Re: Falsely banned on apex legends.

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I got banned too for cheating when I absolute don't use cheats, my kda is 1.91 and its going down because sbmm I don't play the game on 3 or 4 days and today I got this email saying im cheating AT 1 DAY OF SEASON END, its not funny, this account is pretty new I play on this account some months ago, it try post it on ea help forum but in sure it is not working because I do a post months ago and I don't get any answer, Please help me, it's only 1 day for season end, I saw people cheating with weird Chinese nick names on my team and I report them, in not playing with someone cheating, im 90% soloq, I play some games with my friends and they are not cheating, they are now diamonds, nothing special to getting plat 4 on this account, no 20 kills or 4k damage, but I want to play the game, my plan today was try to rank and try to get diamond and I got this.. Please help me, and sbmm is bad for the social games..

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Re: Falsely banned on apex legends.

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Someone use my account to use cheats, i dont know how its possible but its what happen, this 3 days my kda up to 2+, the cheater use a wraith and he get 5k damage and 20 kills, im not that guy, i dont know what is going on?? i change my password and activate the email verification today, you guys cant see weird connects locations? like they connect in china when im from colombia bogota, this absolute makes no sens, someone just hack my account to cheat and its absolute not me, i type the another message when i was on my phone, i dont know what happen, i open my game on my computer and i saw that thing,  and i dont think help.ea.com its gonna answer me quickly, he change my key configuration, my mouse sens and the fov, i play 90 fov, 2.4 of sensitivity, the cheater change it to 2.0 and 104 fov


i have a ryzen 5 2600, and a 1050ti 4gb, and 16 of ram with a asus a320m-k board, you guys dont know what hardware are players using?, i never play in another computer or something, can you see my friend list? i got some weird people with weird nicknames i see them today on my account, 



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Banned wrongfully and didn’t get an email about it

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I played madden yesterday with no problem, get on today and get a message saying I have a 7 day ban from auction and trade block. Apparently for coin distribution? But I haven’t played in over a month. This happen to anyone else?

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Unfair Banned Apex Legends Account

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Hi! My Apex legends have been banned for 1 year. The story starts with me spending a lot of money on the game and then it turned out that I had to sell the computer.

I didn’t play Season 3-6. I once thought I was entering the game with a friend but was banned by my user. I bought a new computer in October and went back to the game. And my user was still banned. I’ve been playing with my new user since October to this day, but I want to get my old one back.

(4 heirloom 250+ lega skin) I never cheated and in vain I send anything to EA-help I feel ignored.

I sent them an account number, an IP address for everything and nothing turned out. Interesting. Then why did I have to recover it from another user?

My email address and password have also been changed. And yet I did not get back the full origin of my user.

I said in vain that he was banned. Someone help deliver justice!

I stream all games on twich and never cheated!

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Can’t reach technical support.

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Hello! Trying to reach EA tech support maybe a 10th time. I was waiting for an email for 2 and a half weeks. No reply. I tried to wait for a chat about 5-6 hours. No reply. I played game quite rarely because of Origin. When it became available on steam I installed it and bought all characters. After few days of gaming I was banned. I was not playing lot. Is it because I’m playing through steam or what? I bought all the games I had on origin for steam. I payed double price for every game just to get rid of origin. And now I’m banned. If so then tell me why. I don’t want to make another account, invest money there and get banned again. It’s because of steam, because of bots on practice range? Why? Maybe because of monitor (agon), mouse (bloody), keyboard (hyperx)? Please help! 

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Re: Unfair Banned Apex Legends Account

@NkdlTV IP address will help none. A good 80% of pc users always run a vpn for their internet security. Even not tech savvy people run them. HW ID is what most likely would been read. Only thing i can ask or say is... Why on earth would you sell a computer and not uninstall and reset windows to default?

Did this person also have access to your bank to anything you did online with saved passwords? Because selling a computer with your login information would be odd. I'd assume your implying that the user downloaded apex and cheated on the his own account so they banned all tied to it?

being a streamer does not clear users of being a cheater. Not at all saying you are one but we have seen countless big time streamers exposed. Many are banned who stream even when they try real hard to hide with soft aim. It in my eyes would be a sketchy claim.

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