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What's with the FPS today?

by XxTripleBeamxX

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What's with the FPS today?

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I log in game and notice my fps is locked at 60 when I'm usually 100+ fps. Between 60 and 90 in Fort but higher fps in freeplay, strongholds etc.. Nothing has changed in hardware or software on my end. The games fps was fine yesterday averaging around 120+ in activities. The only thing that fixes it a little is to have vsync on in game settings which bumps my fps up 10 to 40 which is between 70 to 120 fps but it is constantly fluctuating. My Nvidia settings are set at 240hz with gsync on. Again I haven't changed any graphic settings in Nvidia control panel and only setting in game I changed was to turn on vsync to help a little get passed the 60 fps lock. 

My specs are. 

Windows 10 pro

Ryzen 1700x @ 3.9ghz

Asus crosshair vi mobo

16gb DDR4 corsair dominator platinum

Asus gtx 1080 ti 11gb

1000 watt lepa maxbron psu

850 Evo ssd for windows

960 Evo nvme m.2 ssd for my games

Acer predator 27" 240hz 1ms monitor (my main monitor) 

Acer 27" 60mhz (second monitor) 


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Re: What's with the FPS today?

★★★★ Novice

Was hoping after todays maintenance the fps would be back like it used to be but of course that was a pipe dream.

Stuck at 50-70 fps during activities and 80-90 at Fort when I averaged 100+fps during activities and 60-80 at Fort and of course random crashing to desktop after several minutes of gameplay.

Messed with settings in game and in NVidia Control Panel and nothing fixes it.

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