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Weird things happening on stockholm server

by FredrikNM

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Weird things happening on stockholm server

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Hey. I just played three games now, and its not in the primetime. My players took 0,5-1 sec to react to everything I did, and I have 12 ms to the server. I asked two of the people I met, One had 22-24 ms and he said the game was realy good for him, and the other one I asked had 30 ms, and he also said the game was clean on his end. What is up with that? I also downloaded the thing you say in the troubleshooting and I have a real stable good connection. So what is happening? Earlier in the day (primetime) when I played the games was like playing on a icehockey field, but the players reacted. Now when there is a lot fewer players on the server, 2-3 am, I can not even move my players. You know what wrong? And have you asked your developers to add in the possiblility to play our champ games peer 2 peer so we not living close to the servers can enjoy the game during primetime also?


And yeah I tried restarting ect. I even turned off all other devices connected to the internet

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Re: Weird things happening on stockholm server

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Hi there, @FredrikNM.


I'll try to help with this. First, are you on a wired or wireless connection? Also, what system are you playing on? Thanks!

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