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Re: Weird graphical glitches and crashes

by EA_Barry

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Weird graphical glitches and crashes

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It's an EA game so this automatically explains the terrible Euro servers and crashes, but that's besides the point. For a third time today my game decided to crash in this weird, specific way shown below. It only happens with this game and it happens very often. I'm on an AMD card, R9 390 latest drivers 19.7.5, and this is the only game where this happens. I've tried a mixture of graphics settings and the problem still pursues. And since it's a BR game and you only get one life and chance it's extremely frustrating when this happens. If anyone knows a fix please tell me, or at least tell me if you get the same issue so I know if it's a hardware problem (I hope it's not, lol).

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Re: Weird graphical glitches and crashes

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To try to determine if this is a driver or hardware issue, what we would like you to try is a full driver uninstall (using DDU) and then a fresh updated driver install.


Can you re-download your drivers to to help ensure you have a good (non-corrupt) driver set and then install those after the full uninstall above.


You are using RivaTuner, can you check that for any temperature related issues too?


Let us know how you get on, thanks.

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