Website Login Difficulties

by TruffleExplorer

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Website Login Difficulties

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Hey All, 

I have recently encountered what may be a bug with the website store as I am unable to log in to it. I have tried on multiple devices and have logged in before but all that happens now is I get an error message stating that an error has occurred and to try again. I have a stable internet connection and I am definitely using the correct email. What should I do to fix this? (The account in question is HargleTheSmargle, Lvl 85, 1.5 mil GP)

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Website Login Difficulties

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Hi @TruffleExplorer


Have you been prompted to verify the email registered on the account? Can you log into your EA account linked to your SWGOH account and see if there's any prompts to update details? 


It would be no harm to get in touch with our support team directly. They will be able to pull up the account and take a look at the status to know if there's anything account-related that needs updating. Use these steps to create an in-game ticket. When you contact them that way, they will automatically get information about your account and your game which should help speed things up. 


- EA_Lanna


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