Re: Web store decided to work all of a sudden on my secondary email

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Web store decided to work all of a sudden on my secondary email

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After months of using the SWGOH web store on my secondary email with no problems, it stopped working all of a sudden, not receiving the code anymore. When I try to log in to EA to change the password, it tells me my account is incomplete, and when I request the process to my email, I never receive it either. And when I try to request the code through the web store it gives me an error. The account is not a child account, and the EA button is there but it's not working. It works fine with my primary account, but for some reason I can't get emails from EA at all on the secondary one for some odd reason.

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Re: Web store decided to work all of a sudden on my secondary email

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Hi @BurningStar1981


The error suggesting it's incomplete could be pointing to your EA account not finishing the account set-up fully. When other members went back and finished the account set-up that error went away for them. Let's try that. I'll share the steps from the guide '[SWGOH] Webstore Errors Guide' to help with this:

@EA_Lanna wrote:

Run through the following list and double-check the EA account you've linked to your SWGOH account has the following details filled in/set up: 


  1. Username, date of birth & primary email address - The primary email address is the email that should be input on the webstore. Use this guide to learn how to update these details: How to update your EA Account.
  2. Verify the email registered to the EA account - You should get a prompt to verify the email with directions from there. 
  3. Login verification - Use the steps outlined in this article to set it up: How to turn on Login Verification.
    • Pro Tip: Write your backup login verification codes down and keep them in a safe place so you’ll always be able to log in when you need to.

- EA_Lanna


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