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Web App "bug" (it's intentional by EA) red box after bidding on 15-20 cards

by KokuSmilie6

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Web App "bug" (it's intentional by EA) red box after bidding on 15-20 cards

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As you will see in the video, this year you are now preventing people from efficiently trading on the WebApp. I am just trying to bid on some UCL players and every single freaking time I go to the WebApp and try to, after 10 or 20 bids I receive like a softban from the servers; I start receiving a message in a red box that says: "Bid status changed, auction data will be updated." This message should appear when your bid amount is inferior to the current bid price but you can CLEARLY see in the video that I am bidding for a higher amount and I keep getting that error message; in other words you are glitching people so they cannot keep bidding on more players on the WebApp and thus can't trade so they are forced to open packs with money. What other purpose can this glitch have? I mean disabling a huge part of the game on the WebApp just to force people to go open packs/diminish their trading potential?

Another red box warns me that "Your transfer list is full" although I have zero players added to my watch list when I try to add one after bidding on those 10 or 20 players.

This is a very known purposeful glitch a lot of people know and that is continually repeated and consistently verifiable by anyone who does the same thing I did in the video.

This is crazy, completely crazy. Stop your greed EA.

I am not going to continue buying this game if you don't change this asap.

I don't encourage others to do the same but make your own conclusions watching the video.

And fix the enormous input delay.

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