WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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My problem is that the game fails to launch and shows up 30004 Error WaitForSingleObject failed:2. I have no idea what to do about it. Asked support but it didnt help they told me to delete files from appdata/roaming/origin folder and all files from programdata/origin except localcontent folder. Did everything I could the game is still not working. Anyone had the same problem and has the solution?

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Re: WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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Hi. I have the same issue and sent an email to Easyanticheat. Unfortunately, their response was not helpful in my case but maybe you will have more luck. Hope this helps


The cause to this error is the current Windows installation somehow being in a corrupted state. For some reason a simple file operation that should take less than a second is taking over half a minute and timing out, resulting in the error. As the first step, please use the Windows Update to ensure that your Windows is fully up-to-date. After installing all available Windows updates, verify all system files explicitly by running the following command in command prompt as Administratorsfc /scannow.

If the problem persists after updating Windows, we recommend running an anti-virus scan as it is possible that the system has been infected by a virus. You can use for example the free Malwarebytes anti-rootkit scan to check this.

Lastly, if the error still persists, you may need to use the Windows System Restore function to revert your computer to a previously working state. Unfortunately, after having investigated this extremely rare issue on few end-user PCs, we have not been able to identify the specific cause to what makes the system stall the failing operation for such long time period without no apparent reason.

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Re: WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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Hi, just wanted to let youknow that I was able to solve the problem by updating every driver on my motherboard. Regards

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Re: WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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I had this same problem, but I only had to update my Graphics Drivers and it started working

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Re: WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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спасибо тебе огромное


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Re: WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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Also have this problem. Seems to be a corruption with EasyAntiCheat. Un-and-reinstalled everything, from EAC, to the game, to Origin, to Windows 10 itself. No bueno. Ran the SFC scan before and after every update, and the problem still persists, even with a complete reinstall of the entire system. It's a shame that Star Wars: Squadrons requires Windows 10. I'd try Windows 8, but at this point, I'm ready to walk away from PC Gaming and switch to a console. Gaming should not be like tearing apart a car that was never designed to work, anyway.

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Re: WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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well archeage, doesnt matter if trion/gamigo, were always the worst support... they are totally useless and probably not even 1 is working from them...

here, what helped me:

deactivate your antivirus for 15mins (i know, it sounds shady XDDD) and it works perfectly. if it doesnt, restart pc, then deactivate antivirus, start glyph/ then aa.

worked for me. (if it works, you could also try to figure out, where exactly the problem lies, so you wont need to deactivate your antivirus^^)

Greetings, fairytail


ps; using norton >.<, havent found the "real" option yet -.-'


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Re: WaitForSingleObject failed:2

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I have multiple solutions for the
EAC Error 30004 WaitForSingleObject Failed Error: 2

First of all "sfc /scannow" will work sometimes, so try it first.
You can Reinstall DbD too, or you can run EAC and DbD as an administrator.
when the Error still appears follow the next steps.

  1. Do all Windows Updates - Didnt work? Next step
  2. Update your Hardware (Graphic, Mainboard (sometimes), ...) - No? Next
  3. Reinstall EAC -> Go to your DbD folder and delete the EAC setup and you need to delete your EAC installed folder (in program files),
    after you need to repair the game (in steam u can repair it in the settings of DbD, rightclick on the game and go to the settings) - Still dont work?
  4. Try to delete the sys data from EAC
    C:\Windows\System32\drivers and search for EasyAntiCheat.sys (make a copy of it on your desktop to be sure you dont loose it)
    if you can run it now, delete the file on your desktop - It still wont to work???
  5. Open cmd in Windows as an administrator
    now you write following commands first:
    1. bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF
    2. bcdedit.exe -set NOINTEGRITYCHECKS OFF
    now you need to restart your computer.

    If the Error still appears you need to Reinstall Windows 10, Error 30004 appears than because your Windows is corrupted.

I hope it will work for some people! Good luck!

Greetz Wink

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