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[WORKAROUND] FIFA 17 crashing on launch with AMD "Legacy" cards

by Tr3c3

Original Post

[WORKAROUND] FIFA 17 crashing on launch with AMD "Legacy" cards

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DISCLAIMER: By doing this, you'll be able to play everything in the full game and the Demo, with the exception of "The Journey", that will lead you to a DirectX crash and close the game [screenshot] (credits to @DahFuzion for testing this out)


Be aware that certain green artifacts might show up when rendering "generic player" faces (it doesn't seem to happen with the scanned/high quality ones)


Also, you'll need to run the game in a window, otherwise there'll be some flashing black stripes all over the screen. (credits to @DahFuzion for pointing this out)





EDIT (September 22nd, 2016): Since @DahFuzion has Origin Access, he was able to give this workaround a shot on the full game. At first we thought we were done because the game wouldn't run even with the downgraded drivers, but then we found out the game was complaining because it wanted a driver version higher than 16.3 (same issue we had with Battlefield 1 Beta). By modifying the registry key for the driver version, we managed to make it work! These steps are now added below the original tutorial.



EDIT (September 19th, 2016): In order to avoid the hassle of having to switch between drivers just to play FIFA 17 Demo, I installed my old Windows 8.1 Pro in a partition (35~50 GB must be enough if you only use it to play the demo). With the default drivers Windows installs (version WDDM 1.3 from April 2014), I was able to run the game flawlessly ("The Journey" still gives you the crash, but when playing it on High/Ultra the green textures in the faces completely disappeared)



Right after being told by a member of the EA Technical Team that, since the minimum supported graphic cards were the NVIDIA GTX 460 and AMD Radeon R7 260 and our "Legacy AMD GPUs" stopped getting driver updates, we wouldn't be able to play FIFA 17 at all unless we get a new graphics card, I found a post at the FIFA forums where the user exception123 (massive props to him) claimed that by installing the driver version 14.301.1001.0 (Catalyst 14.9), he managed to play the demo. I tried and it works!


All you need to do is uninstalling your current AMD drivers [AMD official driver uninstalling tool + guide], reboot your computer and install Catalyst 14.9 drivers (you may either google them or go to this link at Guru3D [the download link is at the bottom, search for "Download Locations"]).




EDIT (September 22nd, 2016): These steps won't be enough to play the full game though, because it demands a driver version higher than 16.3 and will refuse to launch (even if these drivers are good enough to make it run). The final step then, consist in modifying a key in your registry. By doing this, you'll tell FIFA your driver version is higher than it is (like driving a car with a fake ID while you're a minor who learnt to drive)


  1. Right click on the windows button, and select "Run" [shortcut: Windows key + R] (alternate method: run the Task Manager [shortcut: Control + Shift + Escape] and in the File menu, select "New task")
  2. In that box, write "regedit" and press Enter. (Note: you might be prompted for elevation rights for it, do it) [pic for 1 and 2]
  3. Once in the Registry Editor, you'll need to browse to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video]
  4. Inside Video, you might find several sub-keys with weird alphanumerical names. Expand all of them and look for those with two or more numbered subkeys. In my case, there were six keys with weird names and only one of those had a sub-key named Video and another six numbered from 0000 to 0005.
  5. Inside "0000", check the value inside "AdapterDesc", it should match your GPU model. If so, scroll down until you find the value named "ReleaseVersion" [pic for 3, 4 and 5]
  6. In a text file, note down the sub-key location (right click on the 0000 subkey and pick the last option, "Copy key name" or something like that) as well as your current ReleaseVersion value. Save it to any folder where you can find it if you ever need to restore it.
  7. Right click on "ReleaseVersion", pick modify and replace its value with "16.30.2311-160718a-305077C". This one belongs to the Radeon Crimson 16.3, which is the minimum requirement. [pic #1 for step 7] [pic #2 for step 7]
  8. Repeat step 7 on the 0001, 0002, etc subkeys (shouldn't be needed because when you change the value in any subkey, it gets updated in the others).
  9. Profit! With this change, your drivers should be capable of running the full game and your game should be okay with you using them.

[Imgur album]


Feel free to post any doubts in this thread, I might not reply fast but I read all what you post here. Have a nice day!

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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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Ok, after installing this driver, the  game is run but looks like sh*t  :/ everywhere are flashing black stripes when i started the match :/

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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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What GPU are you using? In my case, I have a XFX Radeon HD 6870 played it in LOW and there were a few green texture corruptions in some player's faces, but it was playable despite that.


Also, don't forget we're running a game our graphic cards are unable to run because they're obsolete :P

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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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@HubiZ056 Switching to windowed mode solved this for me if I remember correctly. 

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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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@DahFuzion @HubiZ056 indeed, the flashing black stripes show up when you run the game in full screen, I hadn't noticed because I always play FIFA in a window :P

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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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GUYS  !!! switch to windowed mode solved my problem !! thank you !! now I can play the fifa 17 demo <3 <3 XD

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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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I tried the proposed solution but unfortunately, it doesn't work for me...Disappointed I have a Radeon HD 7400M Series, i7-2640M 2.80 Ghz, 12Go Ram (Hp Elitebook 8560p).


I can launch the game by uninstalling and installing the Catalyst 14.9 drivers but when I click on "Kick off", it freezes and turn black, and "The Journey", turns black and a "dxgi error device removed" error message.


Did I miss something or my graphic card is trash without hope?



Edit : Now "Kick off" works, not the journey. But is it normal for me with a 7400m not to be able to play with the latest drivers able for my laptop and downgrading to this Catalyst version?

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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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Your old laptop has not only an out of date GPU that cannot run current drivers, it is also slower than the minimum by a very great deal, sorry! 

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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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OMG! I pressed the journey and now my game keep crashing! It was working when since I installed the catlalyst drivers...

what do i do now Frown

Anybody can help?



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Re: AMD "Legacy" cards workaround for FIFA 17 Demo crashing on launch

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I was too curious...and now directx keeps complaining



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