Can't enter lobby; always thrown back to intro screen

by UltraEcke

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Re: Apex won't get past "continue" screen on Steam (unplayable intro l

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@w1nshot still no fix. they just promise to fix it, but nobody knows when
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Re: Apex won't get past "continue" screen on Steam (unplayable intro l

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I literally just got done talking with another support official and they said they are not aware of a solution for this issue.  People have been dealing with this for over a month in certain cases.  They know how to keep putting out content and selling people more items but can’t fix this issue for so many of us?  This needs to be repaired before the collection event on the 9th or there needs to be some serious reimbursement for us who’ve missed out because of issues on your end!

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Re: Apex won't get past "continue" screen on Steam (unplayable intro l

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Thanks for the updates, everyone. 


This issue isn't limited to just Steam. We've been gathering information from people on all platforms who have been running into the same situation. The team is still looking into this, and we'll share any updates on this as we have more information. 




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Re: Apex won't get past "continue" screen on Steam (unplayable intro l

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Same problem here too, EA please fix we can't play just because we chose to use Steam?

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Re: Apex won't get past "continue" screen on Steam (unplayable intro l

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i have the exact same issue on origin, however my alt account does work (also on origin)


i have tried:


-repairing game files

-updating drivers

-reinstalling origin


none have worked and only seems to be account based

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Can't enter lobby; always thrown back to intro screen

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Product: Apex Legends
Please specify your platform model. PC
AMD or Nvidia Model Number GTX 1070
Enter RAM memory size in GB 32
What is your gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name? UltraEcke
Please provide your squad mates' gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name if possible.
Are you using any software with an overlay? Yes
If yes, can you list them here? Discord
If you disable this software, does that have any effect? No
Which Legend were you playing (if applicable)?
Which Legends were your squad mates using (if applicable)?
Where did the issue occur? In the lobby (waiting area before the match)
Which part of the map or menu were you in? If you don't remember the exact name, please describe the area or what you were trying to do in the menu. Intro screen, where you can choose a server and have to press a button to get to the next screen.
What were you doing when the issue occurred? E.g. respawning a squad mate at a beacon, using an ability, a squad mate left the game. Pressing a button.
Did your squad mates also experience the issue? No
How many matches had you played in a row before the issue occurred? Haven't played for a week or so.
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 03.02.21 20:00-22:00/ 04.02.21 18:30/ 04.02.21 9:00
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
How severe is your issue? Major impacts to gameplay
What happens when the bug occurs? This happens on Steam-PC and on Origin-PC launcher. Multiple scenarios: 1. Screen goes black with red loading sign in the right bottom corner. --> Returning to intro screen without any message 2. Screen shows loading picture I've set up last season (Fight Night Pathfinder w thumbs up) --> Returning to intro screen without any message 3. Intro screen shows text with 'Attempting connection (x of 9)' or 'Retrieving Matchmaking List', then goes over to scenario 1. or 2. 4. very rare: After the loading screen I can see the lobby for 1 ms and then it throws me back to the intro screen. Side-Effects: When my friends invite me into a game (via steam friends list) --> I accept the invite --> Intro screen goes to loading --> take randomly scenario 1.-4., but my friends say they can see me for a short period of time in their lobby
What should be happening instead? I'm landing in the lobby
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Don't know. Two friends I wanted to play with don't have this bug.

- played last time in season 7 like one or two weeks ago, so first try after the last update

- both versions installed are at version

- reinstalled my NordVPN client a day ago, before I tried to play

- last time I played, there were no problems

- last season was the first time I've spend some money for apex coins and bought the battle pass

- the video of Fuze blowing up Worlds Edge was shown on my first attempt to login

Steps I've already tried and NOTHING WORKED:

- flushing, renewing, reseting(to Google Servers) DNS

- repairing game files

- repairing AntiCheat

- restarting router

- port forwarding these ports

- installing game on steam --> trying both installations. steam and origin

- changing game language in steam from english to german

- running game as an administrator

- installing new network drivers, chipset drivers, audio drivers (they were outdated anyways)

- changed to different server locations; always ~25ms 0%PL


--> I don't think that the game is broken. I logged into the game with the account of a friend and it put me right into the lobby, so this worked! --> tl;dr: I guess my account is broken!

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Re: Can't enter lobby; always thrown back to intro screen

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im with the same problem, already updated everything in my computer and repaired Apex but it doesnt seem to work at all. 

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Continue screen

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Apex launches and gets to Home Screen. Once I  try to continue it goes to black loading screen then back out to main menu. I’ve tried restarting everything, deleting and downloading origins and apex, nothin worked. this a server issue? Or should I be doing something else? Any help would be appreciated, it’s been two days of this and I wanna play the new season.

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Cannot get past connect to lobby

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Everytime I hit connect it loads into lobby then instantly kicks me back out again, this has been going on since the start of season 8. here is a video of the problem.

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Re: Apex won't get past "continue" screen on Steam (unplayable intro l

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I am having this same problem after the season 8 update on ps4

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