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Re: Voice-Chat and KD on XBox

by SpyrosKap_GT

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Voice-Chat and KD on XBox

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i play Apex Legends since 4 days, and i run into problems with the voice-chat on xbox:


Often it happens that i play with people with microphonesl but i can not hear them. They can hear me, but i can not hear them.

When this happens, the symbols of these players shows that they are talking the whole time. I can hear nothing...


In all other games Voice-Chat works, only in Apex i have this problems.


I google, and that says i have to turn off voice-to-text, but i don‘t have such an Option in my Apex.


I am the only one with this problem, is there a fix?



xbox one x

400mbit connection (stable)

ipv4 and ipv6 (both nativ, no dslite)

nat on xbox: open

upnp: allowed


in addition to that, my KD-Stat says 1,1 - but i have 100 kills and 60 death, this is not 1,1... this is buggy too...


if anybody has a fix, it would be cool!



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Re: Voice-Chat and KD on XBox

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the symbols of these players shows that they are talking the whole time

It means that they are in Xbox Live party chat so that's why you can't hear them.
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Re: Voice-Chat and KD on XBox

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 No, thats not the reason.


sometimes i have only one player with an headset, and one without...

the one with shows talking, but i cant hear him.


and with symbol, i mean the symbol in apex, not an xbox-system-sybol...


i found many topics on redit with this problem, but these are 6 month old, all so here in the forum... but there was no fix...


i tought there was a trick, but it seems to be an unfixed bug... or is there a solution?

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Re: Voice-Chat and KD on XBox

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Yeah but in the link some say the same thing.
When it's 1 guy with this mic icon on i believe he's in a party chat with a friend who doesn't play Apex. This can happen! Casual playing different games and talking.

When i play with my friend we create a party chat so we go duo and our mic icons in game are like on all the time. But there is no duo mode so the third guy won't hear us cause we are in a party chat.

People always create party chat in consoles.
I've seen this many times in Normal games and Ranked just duos in a party (mic icon on) so i can't talk to them.
Also party chat doesn't cut during loading screens.

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Re: Voice-Chat and KD on XBox

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Maybe i found the problem.


I changed my headset to my old one, and it seems to work...

no idear why, both headsets a tachnicaly okay, i can use them both on pc or xbox party chat.

but one of them seems to have problems with apex voice chat... that crazy...


i will do some more testing, but i think the other headset fixed it... 

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Re: Voice-Chat and KD on XBox

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Ok, that was not the problem...


somebody told me, that if the symbol shows they are talking, they have no microphone...


no idear if thats true, but in fact, 80% of my matches are with people that shows they are talking the whole time...


because i can not verify it, i have to life with it. Sometimes voicechat works, but most of the time not...

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