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Video Settings Causing reset on change. Makes me restart Prologue.

by farfromidle

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Re: battlefield V delux edition don't save settings, HELP ME PLZ.

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Hi guys,


any solution? ... Dice should fix that is really annoying play with intro over and over again like one month, any chance to fix this as soon as possible? 


It´s really sad to ignore that from early access members.......



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Single player progress lost

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My game crashed or I Alt-F4 out, I don't remember, but 2 things happened.  The prologue restarted and I lost all my settings.  I had to sit through that a second time and it was not a fun experience.  It's quite boring the second time through, oh, not to mention that I lost all my settings.  That's not a good thing.  The second that that occured is that I lost all my single player progress.  I had completed most challenges, and was working on getting the ones I missed.  Now I have to to the entire war story over again.  Again, this is unacceptable.


Please fix this issue.  Please store those setting on your server and sync them back to the PC.  Inidvidual settings for key bindings and other computer/console settings, I understnad you may not want to sync, but please sync the war stories and the fact that I already did the prologue.

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Intro keeps replaying !!!!

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the intro seen keeps replaying every time i open the game..i found a solution about the settings not saving but i cant fix this one..anyone any idea ???


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Re: Can't save my game settings

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i did that, but how about the settings and the strory mode, nothing saves, neither the prologue, u just skip it
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Re: battlefield V delux edition don't save settings, HELP ME PLZ.

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same thing i got i tryed everything still same

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Re: Video Settings Causing reset on change. Makes me restart Prologue.

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Deleting the _tmp worked for me! :D

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Re: Video Settings Causing reset on change. Makes me restart Prologue.

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In frustration after trying every possible solution i tried making a new account with only english letters to see if that was causing these issues. IT WORKED. I had an "Ø" in my original user account name, made another user as "Insulaventus" and now my settings save just fine.

Is there a way to fix this without making a new windows user, and having to rebind every game and program?

If your windows installation is in your names original language, it seems to take steps to make folders which changes your account name to make sure programs know where to save things. If you have an english installation and a non english username, then it seems like your windows installation doesn't take the same steps to change your non english letter name for document folders which save your game settings. 

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Prologue/Intro repeating

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Every time I start Battlefield V I have to set the gamma settings and what type of audio device I'm using. Immediately after that I have to see the intro movie and wait until the first character has landed on the ground before I can press Escape and press Quit mission. However, if I get an invite from my friends I "only" have to change the gamma and audio settings before I join their squad. I have also tried to manually remove the "_temp" from the PROSAVE-file but it reappears every time I restart the game.


I've checked the forums and the only thing I've seen that has helped some (but not all) players is to change my Windows user name to only include English letters (at the moment it doesn't). Is this really the only way to solve this issue, given that you're an international company working in an international market?

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Re: Prologue/Intro repeating

Hey @Foignar,


Sorry to hear about this.


Instead of removing the "PROFSAVE_tmp" File all together, have you tried to just re-name it to "PROFSAVE" and re-launch the game?


Thanks Standard smile 


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Battlefield V - Doing Intro mission every time

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Dear EA,


I have a problem with the intro mission and all other single player content. Every time i play the game i have to redo the intro mission and my single player content is lost. For what ive looked for, to this date there are no official solution... we have some non-EA support in this topic


So i tried everything said on it, (check my attachments as proof):

  • admin right origin and BFV - Without success
  • Disable AV and WinDef - Without success
  • Deleted the "tmp" from Profsave - Without success
  • Check if the PROFSAVE was being stored at the folder that should be "João Dimas / Docs" because i know "ã" could have been a problem.... but it seems that everything is going well as you can see at attachments "profsave".....

When i complete the 4 maps grand operations the game freezes at a black screen... so i have to restart the game and play the intro mission... This is really not admissible.


What else can i do?



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