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Re: Can't save my game settings

by hooyoou

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Battlefield V launching issue

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Hello guys Standard smile 

I have an issue and i need you help, every time i launch bf5 i have to set brightness ( with the logo ) and the hdr setting, my settings aren't save, it relaunch the tuto mission every time.


I reinstall the game and it changed nothing .


Do you know where that can come from ? 


Thanks for your help ! Standard smile

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Re: Battlefield V launching issue

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i tryed everything i found on the web



-exclusion for antivirus

-rename profsave_tmp

-delete C:\Users\MYNAME\Documents\Battlefield V\settings      then retry

-run as admin then repair

-run everything as admin


the game is now officially released and i cant save and change my settings and i have to do the brightness / sound + intro each time ! (pissed)

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Re: battlefield V delux edition don't save settings, HELP ME PLZ.

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You could try checking if any of the settings files are set to read only. They're located at C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Battlefield V\settings. Right click a file and click properties - the read only button should be unchecked.

If that doesn't work you can try deleting the config files. BFV will auto generate new ones the next time you open the game.
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Re: Battlefield 5 single player and settings will not save - take two

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I have the same problem. Every time i launch BFV a need set up brigtness, audio and pass trough gameplay intro. The worst problem is the settings doesnt save after restart game. I've tried options prom EA advisors and nothing help.
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Re: battlefield V delux edition don't save settings, HELP ME PLZ.

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i tryed still same resets

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BF5 crashing to desktop while playing

[ Edited ]
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Product: Battlefield V
Please specify your platform model. PC
AMD or Nvidia Model Number Palit 1060 6gb
Enter RAM memory size in GB 8
Which part of the game is the issue happening in? Multiplayer
Which part of the mode? Every ?
Please select your region Europe
On which server did this happen? 
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) every time since 20 nov
Summarize your bug Game crash to desktop
How often does the bug occur? Often
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Don't know
What happens when the bug occurs? Im playing, even its happend in Menu, just crach to sektop, before i had sometimes 100% gpu in use.
What should be happening instead? No crash


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2 problems with my BFV

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Problem 1: Every time I start the game, It will load, then ask me to adjust brightness, then select what kind of speaker device I am using (speaker, headphones, etc.) and then it makes me watch a long cinematic video that I CAN'T SKIP, and eventually makes me parachut over Norway and play some kind of campaign...How do I get straight to the menu ????? This is very annoying


Problem 2: When I eventually get to that menu, it says that I am offline and not connected to the servers...I can play Rainbow six Siege without any problem so It's not MY connection...what's happening ?


Thanks !

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Re: BF5 crashing to desktop while playing

Community Manager



Can you please try these steps:


  • In the NVIDIA Control Panel, go to Adjust image settings with preview, in the main windows choose Use my preference and move the slider all the way left (performance), click Apply at the bottom right.
  • In-game, go to the Advanced video settings and turn GPU memory restriction ON
  • Test out how this goes and report back here please


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Re: BF5 crashing to desktop while playing

[ Edited ]
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Unfortunately, still the same problem.

GPU are Stabil but was aswell before that change, sometimes i spotted 100% before.


Edit: That happend right now in menu while selecting/rolling the aircrafts choosing between them.

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Re: Can't save my game settings

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have you solve the problem yet?

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