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Vault and cloning issues

by cmadsen92

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Vault and cloning issues

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When the cloning sequence was finished when I opened the crate, it said it would give me 2 cards for my jump hey troops, and then when I went to collect them from the chamber I only got one. And then after that I noticed that my vault was back down to 0 cards when there was about 50 in there an hour ago. And I'll just throw out there, the avatars, seriously, they need to go

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Re: Vault and cloning issues

EA Community Manager

Hi @cmadsen92,


If you started the Cloning Chamber BEFORE the update yesterday, then you would still receive the old value (+1 Epic card). However, with the update it now shows the new values when you collect cards. So, for any chambers started before the update, the graphic is wrong and you received the correct number of cards. We apologize for the confusion. 
If you didn't start it before the update, please let me know.


As for the Vault, if you restarted Rivals or played a match, does it now show the correct value?

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Re: Vault and cloning issues

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It's now showing the correct number of cards in the vault

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Re: Vault and cloning issues

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I just lost all the cards in my vault. It was around 250 cards, but I used the cloning chamber just prior to the vault showing my cards back at 0.

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Re: Vault and cloning issues

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Same here... and strangely i too was proberly around 250 cards. collected a clones zone trooper and boom.... vault empty . just opened a tech request on it.

No idea why the vault has to hold the screen for what seems like an age on completion either!

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