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Vault and clone

by cyberninja4ever

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Vault and clone

★★★★ Newbie

Vault full and I can't open it? Second clone tank unlocked with diamonds and the tank locked back up.

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Re: Vault and clone

EA Live QV Team

Hey @cyberninja4ever thanks for reaching out! Can you tell me some more about your issue? You're unable to unlock the Vault? Do you have enough diamonds to open it? The second clone chamber costs diamonds to use and are single use only, meaning if you want the second cloning chamber, it will cost diamonds to buy a new one each time. You can use the free cloning chamber as many times as you like.

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Re: Vault and clone

★★★★ Newbie

Thanks for the quick reply. I wasn't aware the clone tank was a per use cost of diamonds. Or the vault. Can I make an update suggestion. To make it a one time time purchase.

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Re: Vault and clone

EA Live QV Team

I'll pass this feedback along! Thank you :D

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