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VR - Performance Impact by Screen Mirroring? Anyway to disable? (Odyssey+/WMR)

by jzderf

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VR - Performance Impact by Screen Mirroring? Anyway to disable? (Odyssey+/WMR)

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I just DL'ed Squadrons and really enjoy it so far on my Odyssey+. But I'm realizing that my monitor is also displaying the game while I'm in VR and it seems to be having a performance impact.


In fact, if I alt-tab or otherwise minimize the Squadrons app on my desktop screen (no Squadrons visible on my monitor), the in-headset video framerate and smoothness goes WAY UP and it's much more pleasurable in the headset. However, there's no sound! I then activated the "Play sound even when minimized" setting under Sounds which let's me play the game with sound, but then I'm having another issue (bug?) While I now I have sound and the high framerates in headset, with the app minimize, a lot of the HUD information either doesn't appear or update in the headset (distance to target, subtitles, when I hit Pause, it doesn't display the mission info, etc). Very basically I've been toggling in and out of the app (which requires me taking the headset off and on) to get mission info. Pretty annoying.


"Display VR View" is OFF in SteamVR.


Any one else encounter something like this or any other game? I thought when the regular monitor is displaying my VR view it shouldn't affect performance but it's night and day difference.


I have a high-refresh (200hz) main display and I noticed a bug report around that so maybe it's related? 



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Re: VR - Performance Impact by Screen Mirroring? Anyway to disable? (Odyssey+/WM

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Hi jzderf,


Had the exact same and it turns out its rendering an entire extra screen (or so I heard) instead of mirroring like it would normally do, look for the resolution scale option in the graphics settings and turn it down to 25% - crazy I know as this should be related to the VR scaling but no it only affects the windowed mirror! Also worth setting the "Graphics Quality" settings down to low (not he VR one unless you have to mind) and this should make the extra processing minimal.


Helped me get to about 60 FPS from like 15!!!


Hope it helps you anyway,



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