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Update-not allowing access

by michiganfishn33

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Update-not allowing access

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I downloaded the update from a few days ago on BF5. Now, since this morning, it says “Update required” I press update and it’ll go to the loading bar, and say “Downloading Update 0%” but within 2-3 seconds clicks to say “Applying update” then I go to the home screen, press “play as xxxxxxx” and it won’t allow me to connect EA online, saying update required... Like I said, this has been the case since this morning, if anyone can help i’d appreciate it. Every other game I’ve tried has worked but BF5. Any input appreciated!

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Re: Update-not allowing access

Community Manager

Still experiencing this, @michiganfishn33?


Which platform do you play the game on?

If you're on Xbox One, highlight the game from the Xbox Home Menu and press Start>Manage Game>Clear/delete Saved data. Restart the game.


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Re: Update-not allowing access

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I appreciate the help, but alas, it didn’t fix the issue, i’ve Done everything I could imagine to do. I saw on another post you said to give ISP, Region and Gamertag, so, I assume ISP is my internet provider


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US, whatever Region Michigan is considered



if you need anything else please let me know as I’ve no idea what else to try, as BF1 works  but not BF5 now


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