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Unlinking accounts (GAMERTAG, PSN ID)

by seanmurphy11

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Unlinking accounts (GAMERTAG, PSN ID)

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I would like to unlink one of my PS3 accounts from an origin account, so I can link it to another one, and have all 3 (along with my xbox) profiles linked together so that I can get my medals etc.. on my new account. How can I unlink an account? i know how to re-link it once its unlinked

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Hi all,


The following article goes over unlinking Console ID's in detail:


What if my Gamertag or PSN ID is linked to the wrong account?

If you have both a Gamertag and a PSN ID but they’re on separate accounts, or if they’re linked to an account you don’t use, we have a few options for you including:

  • If your Gamertag and/or PSN ID are linked to an account you don’t use, you can update that account’s information to get back in the game.
  • If you created an accidental second account with your primary email address and want to move it to your account with your games, learn how to swap the emails here.
  • If you’ve got multiple EA Accounts with games on them, but your console ID is only linked to one account, one of our advisors may be able to help move your other games to that account.
  • If you have multiple EA Accounts with games and console IDs attached to them, we’ll discuss options for moving those accounts with you. We can only move them to an account that does not already have a PSN ID or Gamertag attached to it.


If we move an account with a PSN ID or Xbox Gamertag on it, that’s called a persona transfer. Persona transfers are risky and can be damaging to one or more of your accounts. Find out more information about them here. We'll discuss all of this with you when you contact us.


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For some reason the gamertag associated with my account is not mine. Is there any way to have it removed and I add my gamertag or you guys can replace it yourselves?  Gamertag=xEvilx BumBle B

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Re: Gamertag

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Hi folks,


In a case like this you should get in contact with one of our EA Game Advisors on



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i have my gamertag (predddyy) linked to an account that has a email that is not in use anymore, how do i unlink my gamertag?

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Hello predddyy


I merged your question with the existing thread that has been resolved previously so you can find how to unlink  your gamertag:


Thank you.

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Transferring account.

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          Im having a problem with mass effect 3 and I'm trying to get help but, my origin account isn't linking to my xbox account. I was told to post it in the forms but, I can't. If anyone can help I would appreciate it

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Can someone please tell me how to unlink this account with my PSN ID?

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Re: Gamertag

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I smell Bull**bleep**, Unless you mean next year of course, This Help Service is not at all helpfull, and your phonelines match.

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Re: Unlinking accounts (GAMERTAG, PSN ID)

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how is this problem solved all the links are bad 

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Re: Unlinking accounts (GAMERTAG, PSN ID)

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so how can i fix this problem as well HELP

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Do you need to talk to us?

We’re here to help! Here’s how to get in touch with an EA Advisor.

I need to contact EA


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Reset, update, or link your account information.

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