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Units disappearing and/or not moving

by hpvvb1fv7ycz

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Units disappearing and/or not moving

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CnC Rivals


I just played a match that was impossible to play for the following reasons:

1. I would build units, they'd appear for 2 seconds and then these units disappeared off the screen once I moved them anywhere.

2. Harvesters froze and would not move to collect tiberium.

3. Units that could move to other tiles disappeared from screen mid-game.


It was very odd behavior and very buggy. Then medals were deducted from my account for losing the match.



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Re: Units disappearing and/or not moving

EA Live QV Team

Hey @hpvvb1fv7ycz thanks for reaching out!  Sorry you're facing this issue. Does this happen often? Can you tell me what device and OS you are using? Can I get your Persona ID, found in Settings > About to investigate this further. Thanks!

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Re: Units disappearing and/or not moving

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Hi @EA_Grasshopper  

Yes it happens about twice a week. It happens on cell network and on wifi as well. 

iphonex iOS 12.2

persona: 1003710289768


The biggest issue I'm having is that game-points get deducted from my account even when the match crashes because of the disappearing units bug. I've spent hundreds of $ on this game yet I lose points unfairly because of game bugs. 



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