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Re: Unable to see any events going on!?

by GladOS-013

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Unable to see any events going on!?

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Hey guys, I don't know what to do here this problem is off and on it happens and sometimes it doesn't.

I wasn't able to participate in the 3rd last Grand Arena because it did not show up for me.

I wasn't able to see or join 2 territory wars events for my guild same with a territory battle.

Sometimes I do get to see the prompt and join it but for the most part the event is not there.

The image was right as my guild leader said the Territory Wars event is started. I get the blank screen for Grand Arena or guild events even if its day 3 of a Territory Battle.

How do I fix this?

I've missed 2 territory wars 2 territory battles and at least 1 or more Grand Arena events worth of rewards. It sucks

I use an Android Galaxy phone model I updated the software and I'm wondering whether or not I should consider switching the sync of this account to an apple tablet device?

All I know is E.A. doesn't respond to any support tickets and I don't want to lose another 13,000 guild tokens

Player ID: - <deleted for security purposes>

Ally Code: 273-537-636

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Re: Unable to see any events going on!?

Do you use a single device, or multiple devices? Whenever a new Territory War or Grand Arena event starts, I believe it won't show up until you reboot your game. If you use multiple devices, each time you switch devices it will reload the game - but a single device might mean that your game never reboots, so never sees the new events.

I recommend you check the calendar of events on the main forums, and have your guild announce when events start. If you don't see those events, then force-close your app and restart it to prompt the event to appear. If you STILL don't see it, then please come here immediately and ask for assistance with your account.

As of the time of my typing this (1622 CDT on 4/4/19) there are no active guild events. We are between Territory Wars and Territory Battles. A Grand Arena matching just took place, and the next 144 hours will have the 3 Grand Arena rounds.
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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Re: Unable to see any events going on!?

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Thank you so much for your helpful response, this is my only device the thing is I do reboot, I close the app I even uninstalled it and the event prompts do not come up. I reinstalled it everytime to make sure the events would prompt, unless it left some sort of scripts over which prevented all these events from showing for me. If its possible to use cross IOS and Android I will install it on my ipad but yeah as of currently reinstalling and force closing even updating my android software didn't fix it.

I did get the new grand arena prompt, I understand the T.W. is currently finished this is the screenshot from the most recent one that happened last tuesday. This happened for 2 T.B.'s and another T.W. too I cross referenced the schedule, and for the week that TB was up I was not able to see it, enter it or even see any of the phases. They remained invisible even after reinstallation

I'm a guild officer too so it didn't allow me to check the stats for the war phases.

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Re: Unable to see any events going on!?

That's really odd, since there's no sign-up for a TB, you should always be able to see it, as long as you were in the guild continuously from the beginning of the TB.

Do you move guilds frequently?
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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