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Unable to resolve issue from case due to network problem

by Instinct294

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Unable to resolve issue from case due to network problem

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My case is about the "Where's the network?" that is ongoing. This is not the first time I had the network problem and have stated in the case that my game has been rolled back multiple times. The last rollback was from the network problem, yet it reoccurred again. I was supposed to speak with a specialist, but I don't think I ever did, because they never said they were a specialist and I continue to keep repeating myself and keep receiving EA advisers. 

It is getting frustrating when I keep getting different responses from a different person. I ask them a question, but they disregard my question. The last reply from them was all they can do is a rollback and I will lose everything. The previous times I had a rollback, I was at least compensated. They did not ask how far they would rollback my game. At this point, I am running around in circles. 

Is there anyway I can get actual help on my case? 

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Re: Unable to resolve issue from case due to network problem

Community Manager

Hi @Instinct294 ,


I'm sorry to hear you have experienced this issue multiple times and that your experience with our support hasn't been as smooth as we'd like. I appreciate your patience despite the frustration.


Unfortunately, as you have discovered, even after rolling back a save, the issue can reappear again for the same save game. The game team is looking into resolving the cause of the issue, but in the meantime, the only way we can help you get back into the game at the moment is with a roll back of your save.


Other than providing you with this information, there's not more that we can do to help here on the forums - this is something that requires accessing your account and game details, and that's something you need to contact our advisers for.


If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, did you know we offer these contact methods as well? Some people prefer using them over the methods available on EA Help, so you might want to give them a try Standard smile




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