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Re: Unable to join Grand Arena

by GladOS-013

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Unable to join Grand Arena

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(Written Friday 24th Jan 11:16PM GMT)
I'm using an iPhone 6S+. I've had problems before with connection,
(particularly with the Shaak Ti event, where I was at a wedding in the English countryside, completed the 3* tier, lost signal some time during the battle, logged back in later and the event had ended with no shard reward, only 2*).

I've just been unable to join Grand Arena. I sat trying for about 15 minutes prior to the deadline, experiencing a spinning circle screen until a popup told me to restart the app. This happened 2-3 times, I ended with the spinning circle at 22:00 GMT and put the phone down, obviously irate.

I log in 20 minutes later again, to my surprise I'm not in Grand Arena. The 27d timer is there, but it says "no event is active, check back later".


Pre-empting "I should have joined earlier": Bare in mind, your team have changed the way GA works so that your account locks in when you click join, not when the event starts at 22:00. The result is that many of us are waiting until the "last minute" to join, to maximise our account power. 15 minutes should have been plenty of time to press one button and join GA.


Your customer service representatives have sent me here last night to post and explain, with the hope that someone can do something to help with more power than they apparently have access to.

Many thanks and regards,

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Re: Unable to join Grand Arena

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I added to the Great Arena, but they write to me that there are no active events.
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Re: Unable to join Grand Arena

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@PlatexCWK Bumping - so I guess this gets no response from the developers?

Ignore it and it goes away, who cares.
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Re: Unable to join Grand Arena

@PlatexCWK There were many players impacted by the login issues on 1/24:

The Devs announced in the main forums that they were investigating how to compensate impacted players.
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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